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Doddridge County Family Resource Network

Name: Doddridge County Family Resource Network
Address: 63 Lincoln Avenue

West Union, WV 26426

Please call for directions
Phone Number: 304-873-1245
Website: http://www.wvdhhr.org
Age groups: All ages are welcome
Genders: All genders are welcome
Type of treatment:

What do these mean? Click here for a breakdown of each type of treatment.

  • Fosters Community Collaboration
  • Educational Outreach
  • Parental/Family Support
  • Additional Information: The DCFRN is located in the Doddridge County Center for Children and Families which is located in the Old West Union Grade School on Lincoln Avenue. The FRN is an agency committed to strengthening community partnerships, establishing programs and services where needs exist, targeting specific problems in the community and helping to solve them. We identify needs and opportunities, then problem solve to find real workable solutions. We develop strategic plans to connect community needs with community resources. As part of the plan, we provide technical assistance, resources, pursue funding opportunities, and help to build the capacity of our community to achieve positive change. The FRN promotes prevention by supporting programs that help families early, streamline service, and act as a clearing house for information about local needs and available services.

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