What To Look For When Buying A Chest Of Drawers

A chest of drawers is a versatile piece of furniture that is just as elegant as it is a necessity. Not only does it add style, from an interior design perspective, but it reduces clutter in the bedroom as a storage space that keeps your clothes folded neatly. Drawing from many traditions, artistic periods, and trends, there are many designs to choose from. You could decide upon one with a couple of chest drawers or even add a mirror so that it doubles as a dresser.

Choosing The Best Chest Of Draws

A few factors to consider before buying any design include:

  • Ceiling Height
  • Floor Space
  • Style

Ceiling Height

A low chest of drawers is more accommodated in a household with low ceilings. For instance, a duplex penthouse or a cabin-style house would properly fit this criterion. A tall, vertical style, chest of draws is ill-advised because it might not fit. You might also have a hard time accessing the top which can also be a safety hazard with a risk of falling. At times, dust might accumulate at the topmost surface which is harder to clean. Furthermore, it might affect the overall ambiance of the room when it blocks a large surface area of the wall.

Floor Space

A minimalist, interior design, household setting should minimize clutter. Having items or furniture that occupy a lot of the space makes the space look crowded. It is why it is essential to consider the space surface area the chests might occupy. A small, narrow, design would be fitting. Also, interior design experts recommend a camouflage strategy, which is where the chest drawers match other pieces of furniture within the room or other sections of the house. It is a strategy that ensures there is a natural blend especially when it comes to material and color.


Your home’s makeup should inspire and influence your overall choice of the design you wish to purchase. This might also contribute to the diversity when it comes to the match and mix strategy when you buy more furniture or line up more of your household items and arrange them.

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